A High Performance Vortex Cavitation Reactor System

What Is VoDCa?

VoDCa , an abbreviation for Vortex devices for Cavitation, is an advanced oxidation reactor that harnesses power of cavitation.

Cavitation is a physical phenomenon involving bubble formation, growth and adiabatic collapse, with the consequent generation of intense pressure and temperature (~1000 atm, ~5,000 K). These conditions lead to the formation of hydroxyl radicals (OH•), extremely reactive oxidising agents that can decompose pollutants

VoDCa’s patented, CFD-optimised design, comprising a tangential inlet and cylindrical axial outlet connected by a disc shaped chamber, imparts and conserves angular momentum of fluid through the process. It creates a sufficient pressure drop to produce cavities/ micro-bubbles which are collapsed in a controlled manner downstream of the system.

Value Features of VoDCa

Unlike the conventional devices used for hydrodynamic cavitation (orifice,venturi etc.), rotating flow in a VoDCa offers several attractive features suitable for beneficially harnessing cavitation


Market Applications of VoDCa


Industrial WWTPs

Industrial Waste Water treatment is highly complex and no single solution can fit all the use cases. Advanced oxidation solutions such as cavitation are useful in instances where conventional technologies are not suitable. Also there exists a hidden opportunity wherein the extent of process intensification brought about by the OH radicals can be so significant that it can be a very attractive commercial proposition and thus should be pursued for its investigation. With its maintenance free and robust retrofit , VoDCA maximises the generation of OH radicals without addition of chemicals which in turn maximises the potential of process intensification in Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plants.


Water De-Scaling In Cooling Towers

VoDCa can also be used for Water Descaling from Cooling Towers. At the moment this product is still being developed , however trials can be offered under an agreement.


Reaction Intensification In Multiphase Systems

VoDCa can also be used for intensifying multiphase reactions (gas-liquid, liquid-liquid). However such specific developments using VoDCa are undertaken on a project basis.

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VoDCa Retrofit In Industrial WWTPs

COD Reduction

20 to up-to 70% reduction

More Biogas – Digester

Improving Bio-Degradibility


Ammoniacal Nitrogen Reduction

Color Reduction

15 to up-to 60% reduction

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